Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Post Christmas!

It's December the 26th and I'm hitting the post-Christmas blues. I am ready to start planning for next year already. It has been such a busy, crazy, stressful year that I really don't feel like I was able to enjoy the holiday -- totally.

Actually, it was a beautiful Christmas. The simple gift giving was actually a hit. We focused on the grandchildren and really enjoyed watching them play with their haul. I do miss our Sweet Lily (*sniff). I simply must save my pennies and go see my girl out in Washington.

On the Jewelry Sales Front ....
I now have shops (studios) on both Etsy and ArtFire! All the more to get noticed on the world wide web universe. If you have a chance, check them out ....

Kenny is now featuring his photography on etsy ( - I am so pleased he is finally taking some of my advise on how to market his photography. Now, I just hope he sells some prints and we all live happily ever after ....
Blessings to you ~ Create Joy

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