Saturday, January 10, 2009

I hate 70 degree days!

Mother nature is driving me nuts! I hate 70 degree days January. They just make me darn grumpy. I'm a 'seasonally correct' kind of gal :0)

A strong cold front has finally hit us here in NW Arkansas. I'm snuggled up in my chair with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa listening to the great Nat King Cole ... ahhhh, I love winter! While others complain about the cold bit of the wind, the gray skies and snow -- I am invigorated by it all! Must be the "Northern" Alabama blood in my vein ( lol!). Seriously -- I'm a southern gal longing for the long cold winters of the north ... some day maybe *sigh*

Along with everyone we have been stressed about the possibility of layoffs. This has opened the door to a bit of day dreaming -- if we could move anywhere ..... I choose Leavenworth, Washington. I think it would be like living in a snow globe ... perfect for this winter loving gal. I have to give their tourism/chamber of commerce team extra credit for providing a fabulous website. *** Gold Stars for You All ****

In between complaining about the 'unseasonable' warm weather and daydreaming about living in a snow globe, I have dug into promoting my jewelry through some very concentrated social marketing. I am seeing a good increase in the view of my etsy shop - but still waiting (impatiently) for that first sale. .... Anyone??

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