Friday, December 5, 2008


The morale in our office is pretty flat these days. To give ourselves a boost, we decided to dust off ol' Secret Santa. Even with the short notice (we didn't even get started until after Thanksgiving), we are all having a hoot! Our Secret Santa rules are pretty simple -- keep it very cheap and have fun!

My Secret Santa totally rocks! I have received at least one gift every day -- often two. Some really fun stuff (a backscratcher) and some very pretty things (crystal rooster ~ gotta see it to really appreciate it). Anyway ....

I am trying to be creative for my person ~ she collects hedgehogs! I have been challenged to find cool hedgehog stuff and have to admit that I was not aware that there is a large market for hedgehog collectables! Hmmm, perhaps I need to make some hedgehog jewelry ....

Blessings to you ~ Create Joy!

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  1. search on for cute hedgehog items.