Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boxers, Snow and Faith

I awoke this morning to complete and utter silence. A rarity in a house with two boxers and hardwood floors! I quickly realized that Daisy and Max were snuggled up, keeping each other warm. It was snowing lightly and my whimpy boxers wanted nothing to do with the cold, wet flakes drifting around the backyard.

I LOVE SNOW! I love to spend the day cocooned and cozy in the house. I love the way snow insulates and muffles sounds. I love to wear warm wool socks and sweats all day. I LOVE SNOW!
With the quiet snowy morning, I gave myself permission to sit in the recliner all morning and work on art. I designed a card to include with my prayer bracelets. I titled it "Faith" and pray those that receive the prayer bracelets and card are blessed by them both.
I will be working on two additional prayer bracelet designs today. I am very focused on creating my jewelry and getting each piece posted on my etsy shop - check it out at:

It has stopped snowing, but I think I will indulge in another cup of coffee and snuggle up with a couple of warm boxers a little longer

Blessings to you ~ Create Joy!

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