Friday, February 6, 2009

Creative Urges

I have spent the last 2 days in class trying to cramming as much Photoshop tips and tricks that I could possibly fit into my brain. Can I just say here that I love, love, love Photshop! The creative urges are bubbling up from the depths of my soul now that I have some new tools to use. I have a clear calendar this weekend and I hope to get into the studio and crank out some really cool jewelry.

Along with my photoshop classes, I have been exploring the world of healing Chakras - a new world for me. I have always love rocks, stones, crytals, etc. Now I am tying together the stones and their meaning as it relates to the 7 Healing Chakras. Additionally, I am working on learning more about the folklore and legends about stones and their healing properties.

Tiger's Eye is one of those stones that speaks to me. I love the mingling of the colors and the depth of the colors when the stones are polished. There are many legends about Tiger's Eye (which is a form of quartz) for benefitting health and spiritual well being. Legends say Tiger's Eye is a pychic protector, great for business and an aid to achieving clarity. Until next time ~ Blessings to you all

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